A Christian Retreat for
REAL Women

Our retreats are always an intimate setting, with registration capped at 10 attendees. By keeping our event small, we are able to create an environment that fosters genuine relationships, encourages vulnerability, and facilitates healing. We are so excited to serve you with Bible-based workshops and breakout sessions, tons of pampering, and a loving, empowering environment. We are sure you will leave The Truly Retreat feeling confident, refreshed and rejuvenated!

Real women. Real stories. Real breakthroughs.

“This has been a life-changing experience. I’ve been to lots of women’s retreats, and none of them have been as powerful as this one. During the sessions, I got to see other women for who they really are. No one was pretending. It was just genuine, intimate fellowship. I learned that there’s power in vulnerability. I think of the word ‘truly’ as the foundation of everything that happened this weekend. It was grounded in truth—truth about yourself, truth about other people’s stories—and that truth brings freedom. I appreciated that the presenters were raw and real, and honest about where they are in their own journeys. Every woman, no matter where they are in life, can benefit from a retreat like this. There’s always room for growth and room to develop genuine friendships.” - Alma

“The Truly Retreat has been such a therapeutic experience. It’s helped me articulate things I was feeling but didn’t have words for. I learned that we all struggle with feeling like we’re not enough, even though we already are. The one thing I kept hearing from the Holy Spirit was that I am truly enough in Christ. Throughout the weekend, I felt that everyone’s experience was respected and honored. Now that it’s over, I feel very empowered because I actually have action steps for how to go forward from here. I have already recommended the retreat, and I believe it would be beneficial to any woman who is looking for spiritual release.” - Kristina

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